leere-signifikanten.net is a vcard website done and maintained by Michael Lindner, Leipzig. This was a blog in the past, but laziness and other interest made a vcard out of it. If you are interested in such, see the imprint and all the other law requirements here.


Oh so many people asked me, what leere signifikanten (in english: emtpy signifier) actually means. Here is an explanation:

A floating signifier (also known as an empty signifier) is a signifier without a referent in semiotics and discourse analysis, such as a word that points to no actual object and has no agreed upon meaning. For more information, see wikipedia (en).

To make a long 40 year story short: I was born in Plauen (late GDR), learned and lived in Hof/Saale and Upper Franconia for a long time, lost my heart to the Ruhr Area - and am now living in Leipzig in Saxony. All this happened in Germany. See here for a full CV of mine. You can find some links to the typical social presence in the footer below.